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How organic raw food is helpful in maintaining fitness?

Raw food diet is gaining immense popularity amongst the masses


due to its controlled calorie count and nutrient-enriched ingredients. Raw food diet includes un-cooked vegan ingredients which are void of any spices, additives, and processing. Raw foodists eat their food straight from the farm or heat at minimal temperature to make it moisture-free. This rule of eating raw and pure is good for a healthy lifestyle and might help weight loss process as well. Raw food diet has anti-oxidant properties which makes it a healthy beverage alternative.

How to prepare a raw food diet? 

As no cooking is done in these meal preps, they don’t take much time. You just need some tasty vegan recipes, i.e. salads, juices, blends, smoothies, dried snacks etc. and you are good-to-go. Following are the methods used in preparing raw food diet:

  • Blending 

Mixing different fruits, vegetables, legumes, and beans is called blending. This is like preparing simple salads, except the fact that you can’t add any salad dressing or spice. But, if these blends feel boring, you can add some lime/lemon juice to enhance the taste.

  • Soaking 

Bean sprouts and legumes are soaked in water and then sun-dried to be used as snacks. This process applies to harder foods, which you can later mix with vegetables etc.

  • Juicing 

Fresh juices are the best way to reap nature’s flavorful ingredients. Just put the fruits of your choice together and extract their juice to enjoy your snack-time.

  • Dehydrating 

This process is mostly carried out with meat. To eat raw meat, you use a dehydrated over the fillets which absorbs moisture and makes the meat ready-to-eat as per the fresh food diet rules.

Benefits of raw food diet 

If you are to try a raw food diet and aren’t sure about its benefits, here a few points that you need to know:

  • No cholesterol 

Raw food diet means no frying, no boiling, and no heating. Pick your ingredients, i.e. veggies, fruits, and dairy products (only if you aren’t vegan) and eat them like that. And since there are no oils added in the raw food diet, it’s cholesterol-free. Foods that are void of any oils are known to aid weight loss and fortify heart health as well.

  • No additives 

Organic raw food diet doesn’t contain any preservatives, fertilizers, and additives, which means that it’s pure. You can easily consume divided portions of raw food diet throughout the day, and stay fit.

  • High-fibre diet 

UN-cooked vegetables and fruits are high in fiber content which is not only good for digestion but also the immune system. If your raw food diet is fiber-enriched, it will make your immune system stronger.

  • Low-calorie consumption 

Another reason why a raw diet is famous for fitness is that it’s deficient in calorie count. Other cooked foods have higher calories because of the additives, but since that’s not the case with raw food, one can stay attain a fit body while eating it.

  • Disease prevention 

Raw food reduces the consumers’ blood sugar level, cholesterol, and body fats; all of these factors collectively result in a healthier body. Also, people who eat raw foods have lower body mass index than those who consume cooked diets.

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